Each instructor at The Pilates Line studio is responsible for scheduling their own clients. For more information on a specific instructor’s availability, please contact them directly via the email provided in their bio or email info@pilateslineny.com.  All sessions must be paid for before the session takes place. Please note that not all instructors accept credit cards.


Each instructor at The Pilates Line holds a cancellation policy. Before your first session, your instructor will notify you of their specific cancellation policy. Out of respect to their schedule and other clients, please give your instructor appropriate notice of cancellation. Should you need to cancel after your instructor’s late cancellation policy, you will be charged the full amount of your session.


Due to the size of our studio, we ask that you keep your volume low when on the studio floor. Cell phone conversations should be held outside or in the office with the door closed. Outside shoes should be removed before entering the workout floor. All personal belongings may be stored in the studio office. We pride ourselves in keeping our space clean, please wipe down all equipment after use.


Please be advised that our instructors are exercise instructors and not medically trained. Pilates can be a great form of “pre-hab” or “rehab” but you must have permission from your doctor if you have serious injuries or an illness.