Private Sessions


One on one private instruction is provided to maximize the benefit of Pilates for each individual. The instructor will develop a custom-designed program that works toward achieving the goals of the client.

startING aT:
SINGLE $95 • 5 Pack $450 • 10 Pack $850

Duet Sessions


Reap the benefits of private instruction with a friend. Duet sessions are most beneficial when workout partners have similar goals and fitness levels. However, every body does have different needs. Instructors are trained to provide sessions that both individuals will receive the exercises and stretches they need.

startING at:
SINGLE $65/PERson • 5 Pack $300/pERson • 10 Pack $550/pERSON


Mat Pilates

55 minutes • maximum 6 peoplE

Pilates Mat class if often referred to as the “hardest form of Pilates.”  Not having the equipment to rely on, challenges your strength and flexibility to a whole new level!  Our mat classes are 45-55 minutes long and use a variety of props.  Be ready to work your entire body!

startING at:
SINGLE $26 • 5 Pack $115 • 10 Pack $210

Tower Pilates

55 minutes • maximum 5 people

Our tower classes will challenge you in a whole new way!  Using the leg springs, arm springs, roll back bar and push through bar, you will test your strength and flexibility like never before.  You are sure to walk out feeling stronger and longer after this small group class!

startING at:
SINGLE $40 • 5 Pack $175 • 10 Pack $320

Mixed Apparatus/Pilates Equipment Class

55 minutes • maximum 6 people

Utilizing all of the Pilates equipment will allow you to focus your strengths and weaknesses.  No class will ever be the same!  These classes will use the reformers, chairs, and towers.  You must have experience on all Pilates equipment before registering for these classes.

startING at:
SINGLE $40 • 5 Pack $175 • 10 Pack $320

TRX Suspension Training - Coming Soon

60 minutes • maximum 4 people

Suspension training uses the body as resistance for each exercise.  By nature of design, the nature of each exercise provides unsteadiness and three dimensional movement patterns via ropes.  This training demands complete core control and is more direct in revealing and reconditioning imbalances that are caused by the overuse and underuse of muscles in response to injury and/or activities and demands of our daily lives.

startING at:
SINGLE $40 • 5 Pack $175 • 10 Pack $320

Open Studio

Practice Pilates on your own! If our class schedule does not meet your needs, and you have experience with the Pilates method and Gratz equipment, please let us know. Email Sarah

SINGLE $25 • 5 Pack $100 • 10 Pack $200