A Place To Unwind


It is our goal to provide you with a relaxing space where you can escape the everyday stresses of life and work on your best self. At The Pilates Line, lines are very important to us!  Our instructors fall within the direct lineage of Joseph Pilates. By following his cues of maintaining straight lines within the body as one moves, you will develop strong, lean muscles that will lead to toned muscles people are sure to notice!  


The Methodology



Joseph Pilates taught a select few who are now referred to as the "first generation" instructors. One of whom was Romana Kryzanowska, went on to share his work with Brooke Siler and other 2nd generation instructors while creating the first certification programs. Brooke has continued to pass the work of Joseph Pilates on to a chosen few including Sarah Hester, owner of The Pilates Line who now holds a classical Pilates certification and is officially a directed descendent of the teachings of Joseph Pilates himself.



The Pilates method's main focus is core strength, which helps align the spine.  Having a properly aligned spine will give you excellent posture, help you to move more efficiently, eliminate aches and pains, and improve circulation and digestion. 



One of the most common goals for people who practice Pilates is to tone the muscles of the body.  Each Pilates exercise is designed to strengthen and lengthen the muscles, which will create a lean and toned physique.



It is imperative to perform each Pilates exercise with proper form. There should be straight lines, from shoulders to wrists, hips to toes, head to heels, and so on. Maintaining proper alignment will help you achieve the highest results the Pilates method has to offer.