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Our teachers have gone through rigorous Classical Pilates certification programs under some of the best teachers in the country, as well as numerous seminars and workshops taught by top Pilates professionals. Each instructor at The Pilates Line has completed over 700+ hours of training, observation, and teaching. Our studio is equipped with Gratz equipment and we currently offer both private and duet sessions.  The Pilates Line studio is proud to host these classically trained Pilates instructors. To work with a specific instructor please feel free to contact them directly or contact the studio.


Sarah Hester

The Pilates Line, Owner
Classical Pilates Certification, 2012
TRX and Red Cord Suspension Training Qualified

FRCms Certified 2017

Sarah grew up in Northern California and studied Health Science at California State University, Chico. Following graduation, Sarah moved to San Francisco and worked for a non-profit for four years.  She developed an exercise instructor training program that focused on teaching people with mobility issues, such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's. During this time, Sarah also took up running as a hobby and ran several half marathons and one full marathon.  During her training, she began practicing Pilates as a form of cross training.  It didn't take long before her running form and speed improved and she was addicted to the Pilates method, making it an easy decision to pack her bags and move to New York City. Sarah had the opportunity to study under some of Pilates most prestigious and well respected instructors, learning to teach Pilates exactly as Joseph Pilates intended his method to be taught. After nearly 1,000 hours of training, Sarah received a classical Pilates certification from Brooke Siler. Since receiving her certification, Sarah has had the opportunity to work at three studios in New York City and with several clients out of their homes.  Sarah's clients range in age from 8—94 years old.  She has worked with clients who have used Pilates to avoid back surgery, recover from broken bones, and several other injuries.  Many of her clients use Pilates as a way to improve their athletic abilities, from golf and tennis, to skiing and running, to swimming, baseball and soccer. Sarah has also had the opportunity to work with top models, producers and actors. Working with a wide range of clients is a constant reminder to Sarah that the Pilates method really is for every body and she can't wait to share the method with you!  Sarah is currently teaching in Manhattan and Westchester.


JulieAnne Raffensperger

PMA Mat Certification and Classical Pilates Certification, 2013

JulieAnne Raffensperger is a foodie, a level II certified sommelier, and a PMA certified Pilates instructor whose favorite pursuits include eating, drinking, and teaching classical Pilates in NYC. Though she has followed many different interests, she finds the most happiness working in health and wellness and training her wonderful clients.


Jill Goodman

Classical Pilates Certification, 2001

Jill received her BA and MA Education at NYU. She began studying Pilates in 1998 with teacher trainer, Simona Cipriani and went on to receive her certification in 2001 from Authentic Pilates. Jill was part of the last class personally supervised by Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska in New York.  She studied extensively with Romana's daughter, Sari Pace and with Master teachers and her mentors Ton Voogt and and Michael Fritz. Jill believes that the Pilates method can and DOES change bodies through the mind body connection. She uses positive reinforcement, humor and creativity in her teaching to help her clients connect to the exercises, move more deeply and get better results.  Her goal is for clients to look forward to coming to class and to leave the studio feeling connected, challenged and stronger.


Jill Cantor

Classical Pilates Certification, 2015

Jill attended SUNY Binghampton majoring in Accounting and then continued on to NYU School of Law and has been practicing tax law for the past 20 years. While working and raising her three children and following a rigorous fitness regimen, she discovered and fell in love with the practice of Pilates. Noting the improvements in her own body's core strength, flexibility and posture, she decided she wanted to help others discover these benefits as well. In 2012, she began her official teacher training with Simona Cipriani at the Art of Control at SUNY Purchase and went on to become a fully certified Pilates teacher. Jill has a passion for fitness and brings an enthusiastic and fun vibe to teaching. She is committed to helping her students reach their goals of increased flexibility, strength and muscle toning using the Pilates method to benefit their lives each day.Jill is available Monday, Friday and Saturday mornings and occasional evenings. To work with her please contact her directly at 914-589-4397

Joanne Goldstein

Classical Pilates Certification, 2011

Joanne has been living in Westchester for 26 years. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she worked as a graphic designer in Manhattan after graduating from college with a BA in Art and Education. Putting her career on hold for her three children, she discovered the world of Pilates existed right here in her backyard at the Art of Control on the campus of SUNY Purchase. Joanne became a student at the studio and loved the changes she saw in her body. With the prospect of an "empty nest" approaching, she decided to study and became a certified instructor. With her certification and many continuing education workshops she is a devoted teacher of the original method and continues to be a dedicated student because there is always more to learn.  To work with Joanne, please click her Contact Button and write Joanne in the subject line.



Classical Pilates Certification

Samantha fell in love with Pilates after the birth of her first child. A former personal trainer and self proclaimed fitness enthusiast, she felt that no other form of exercise produced the results she wanted while also encompassing the mind/body connection. A true believer in the method, Samantha loves teaching Pilates just as much as doing Pilates!


NataSHa Vasilyeva

Classical Pilates Certification, 2016

Natasha is a classical instructor, certified through a comprehensive 600-hour teacher training designed by Alycea Ungaro of Real Pilates. Before discovering her passion for Pilates, Natasha was a dancer in her home country of Russia, struggling with constant injuries and strains. After moving to the United States in 2010, she fell in love with Pilates, and its unique ability to strengthen, transform and heal the body, regardless of fitness level, age or injury. Natasha guides and encourages her clients on their path towards fitness and wellbeing, paying special attention to beginners while encouraging the more advanced practitioners to push their limits. Natasha takes special care to tailor her sessions specifically to each client. She has found Pilates to truly be one of the most powerful and profound ways to grow and stay active."


Ingrid Tonelli

Born in Brazil and living in the US for the past 18 years, Ingrid began her personal Pilates practice and was in awe to the depth of the mind/body connection feeling that the Method delivered. Not having a background in the fitness industry nor Pilates, was not an excuse to stop her from pursuing a new career path. Now, as a mother of 3 amazing children, she uses the Classical Pilates Method as her avenue to a clear mind and a healthy body. Stunned by the amazing results she got from  the Method, she is now on a mission to spend the following years of her life encouraging others to experience Pilates for themselves. Mat Certified through the Art and Science of Contrology Pilates Instructor Training, by 2nd generation Pilates Teacher, Simona Cipriani, Ingrid is now pursuing her Full Certification. As an instructor, she has a great appreciation for Pilates adaptability being able to meet her clients wherever they are now - pregnant mommas, athletes, children, teens, seniors - so they can continue to build from there a healthier lifestyle, with focus, perseverance and dedication. Ingrid enjoys spending time with her family, encouraging them to be active and experiencing the benefits of Pilates in their own bodies and at the same time, feels grateful to be able to help others to achieve their fitness goals and motivate them to broaden their perception of their own physical and mental abilities, enabling to a new approach to Life Through Contrology.