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a classical studio




Private sessionS

One on one private instruction is provided to maximize the benefit of Pilates for each individual. The instructor will develop a custom-designed program that works toward achieving the goals of the client.

DUET sessionS

Reap the benefits of private instruction with a friend. Duet sessions are most beneficial when workout partners have similar goals and fitness levels. A program is developed that works for you both.


In an intimate setting, small group classes are designed to challenge your Pilates foundation by providing a program that moves at a fluid pace, to maximize your workout.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in offering clients at The Pilates Line a bright and airy space to improve the quality of their lives. Our instructors are continuously educating themselves from the industries most well-respected instructors. This enables us to provide our diverse clientele with a session that meets each individual’s needs through private or semi-private sessions. It is our goal to have each client walk out of the studio feeling more confident, taller, stronger and having learned something new.

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The Studio

Clients experience a calm, relaxed, and intimate setting to practice Classical Pilates in Westchester County.


"I must be right.  Never an Aspirin. Never an injured day in my life. The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They'd be happier."

- Joseph Pilates


Pilates Principles



Pilates exercises are executed with thorough and conscious breathing.  Inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth helps rid the body of stale air and deliver oxygen to the muscles.



Each Pilates exercise originates from the bodies center, or the "Powerhouse." The "powerhouse" muscles include the abdominal muscles and low back, glute muscles, and the inner and outer thighs.


The complete control of movement through the mind requires full concentration. It is important to be aware of the movement, what is to remain stable, and breathing. 



The original name of the Pilates method was "Contrology", which referred to the complete control of muscles through the mind. In order to achieve the highest results, Pilates should be done with complete control of every muscle, and not overexerting any muscle.


The Pilates method is meant to be a fluid succession of one exercise to the next, moving with fluidity and control.  Each exercise has a beginning and an end with a transition in between allow for a smooth flow throughout the practice.



To achieve the highest results, Pilates must be performed with precision of each exercise. Every movement should be done with clear movement and purpose, each body part should be placed with intention and each breath should be full.


It all started when...

As a young child Joseph Pilates suffered from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. He was so determined to beat his "disadvantages" that he began to study anatomy, body building, wrestling, martial arts, yoga and gymnastics.  Soon, his asthma and rickets were cured, due to his focus on breathing and exercising. In 1912 he began to develop the method that he called "Contrology" and that we know today as Pilates. Today we use the reformer and cadillac, both modeled after his original use of resistance training.

In the 1920's, Joseph Pilates moved to New York City and opened a studio focusing on core postural muscles, aligning the spine and breath. He believed that the modern lifestyle, bad posture and inefficient breathing was the reason for poor health.  It was Joseph Pilates dream to see studios on every corner and to make his method available to everyone.